Another crap photo printing company:, a breach of security and crap service

Ok, so I tried out another company called (I am actually giving up and going with Asda in a moment, at least they are half decent). tell you that if you sign up you get 100 free prints! Hurrah!


So I go through the whole uploading process again and get to checkout. What a surprise! They aren’t applying the 100 free prints after all but I can have 20 free prints with every order.


So I go to customer services to ask them why and once again I can’t call, I can only contact them via email:


It gets worse. I can only use the contact form if I have ALREADY MADE AN ORDER. I could not find a general contact form at all:


Obviously I haven’t made an order yet because I want to know WHY the 100 free prints haven’t been applied.

Then it gets worse.

I go back to my account to have a look and realise their system has signed me in to SOMEONE ELSE’S ACCOUNT.

I can see all their photos, I am totally logged into their account. Even when I log OUT and log back in to the account I have just set up, I an diverted to their photographs.


I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty furious if some stranger had access to my personal photographs.

Come to think of it…how do I know someone hasn’t?

And…..I can’t tell the customer services because I haven’t made an order so I don’t know how to tell them about their rather huge security gaff on the website.

So I guess I’ll just have to post about it on this blog instead and I will email the person whose account I seem to have access too.

Holy crap, there’s some dross companies out there these days!

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  1. says

    Jeez I’ve ordered from this company quite a few times with no probs….def worried about the security tho….how could that happen? xxx

  2. says

    Ahh this sounds like a nightmare!
    I haven’t used many photo printing services before, but I have tried the Aldi Photo Printing Service which I was quite happy with – no problems with changing information and a very quick service all round 😉

  3. ally says

    gosh i hate it when websites are so infuriating! i use photobox, you should give it a try! they’re very reliable 😀