Anna Sui Collection 2008

Anna Sui released its latest collection for Spring on the 10th January. Some of the more interesting items is the limited edition glitter gloss, which comes in blue, yellow and red, and five glitter eye sticks:

(Pic from

Being a girl who loves gold, I indulged in the yellow gloss and eye stick (both called 800):

The lid of the case:

The stick itself:

You can’t beat Anna Sui for beautiful packaging:


I adore the lipgloss. It is super shimmer, and the yellow colour is like a warm gold which brightens dull lip colours and is sheer once applied. The glittery effect is fantastic too (the blue seemed quite interesting but I recently bought a Lunasol blue gloss in Sapphire)…

The Glitter Eye Sticks, are soft and easy to apply. I haven’t tested it so much,but it didn’t leave a sticky, horrid texture on the eye and didn’t pull the skin too much. I went for the 800 Gold, as it is probably the most neutral colour and can be put on a lot of eyeshadows for that glittery sheen.

If you get the chance, try this range out! It’s beautiful!

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  1. smileychatterbox says

    oooh that collection looks incredible!! i’d love to try some but i can’t find it anywhere here in my city except online :( too bad

  2. Row says

    Hey Smiley Chatterbox; yeah, Anna Sui is hard to locate which is a shame. Still, you can save some $$$?!

  3. PJ says

    Hi Row,

    I have got the blue-tinted one. I have not tried it yet but the shade looks great in the tube.

    The yellow one looks great too!

    I am definitely going to review it on my blog later on! :)