A caring mascara? Sisley So Intense Mascara Review

Mascaras for me, is one of those products I’ll never get tired of testing, but there are usually more disappointments than expected.  I have fussy eyelashes. 

I got a chance to try Sisley’s newest offering, the So Intense mascara which is both adds volume and cares for the lashes at the same time. 

Volume-boosting and lash-fortifying mascara using a brand new

Utilising Sisley technology to enhance length and thickness of bare lashes in just 4 weeks. Lashes are instanly coated and fuller. Day after day, lashes look longer, denser and more beautiful.

Sisley So Intense Mascara Deep Black Review

I love Sisley products even though they are on the premium side of the market – this costs £38 so it’s definitely one of the most expensive mascara’s I have ever tried.

Let’s talk about the brush.  It’s like a comb mascara with spiky bristles.  I like come mascara’s very much – they suit my eyelashes which can be a bit thin and sparse as they really cover every lash, provided the brush is a good shape. Regular comb mascara’s I find do not fit my eye shape and require a lot of wiggling for me to get my lashes into it = mess.

This spiky comb is excellent because of the way they are spaced and have the spiky ends, they work into the lashes very easily.   When I’ve finished this mascara, I will definitely wash the brush and use it again for the brows or to comb through the lashes. 

Sisley So Intense Mascara Deep Black Review 1

This mascara is pretty intense in that it is a. thickening and dense – the formula is very rich so even with one coat you can feel it covering your lashes and b. it is a very very dark true black.  

I worry about any mascara that is heavy because my lashes do not like to hold curl. Surprisingly this was not an automatic droop – in fact it retained some curl which is surprising because it’s counterparts such as Chanel Imitable and Dior Extase make my lashes flop immediately. 

Having said that I am not saying it’s a curling holding mascara mascara – on me it looks fine if you have natural curl this mascara will work beautifully on you and won’t weigh them down.

Using one coat of mascara – additional coats will add more oomph.  The lashes are quite separated with this mascara too;

Sisley So Intense Mascara Deep Black Review 2

This is not a waterproof mascara but it is smudgeproof – however I would refrain from using this in any ‘wet / sweaty’ situations! 

In terms of lash fortifying – yeah my lashes do look healthy and stronger although I can’t confirm this works like a lash serum it hasn’t done mine any damage at all!


A very nice mascara but because it couldn’t hold my curl really well it’s not a HG for me.  Someone with naturally long lashes with curl will love this as it gives good definition without looking gloopy.

This costs £38 and you can buy it here.

*PR Sample

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