A £60 Christmas Beauty Preparation Package!

I got an email from the people over at Vouchercodes.co.uk setting me a challenge of putting together a Christmas Beauty Preparation kit for £60 or less. The idea is to pick out products that will save us the trouble of going to the salon or paying a professional for their services!  So here are my picks!


1) Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Colour Foam – £4 from Boots

Everyone wants freshly cut and coloured hair for the party season.  Even if you find dyeing your hair at home tricky, these colour foams make application much easier…for the Winter I like to go a bit darker like a rich chocolate. 

A £60 Christmas Beauty Preparation Package 2


2) Visage Frais Super Bright 6% Tooth Bleaching Gel – £24.99 Online

Teeth whitening can be done at home for much less than at the dentists!  This kit is easy to use – no trays or bright lights, you just use the twist up applicator brushes then apply them directly on to the teeth. This kit will last 3 months (3 pens included).  The 6% kit is gentle enough to work for sensitive teeth too – there is a stronger kit for people who have normal teeth.

Make Up and Nails:

3) Rock Beauty Disco Look Kit – £9.99 rom New Look

This clever little kit has lots of funky fun items inside to last the whole party season.  For £10 you get a set of 16 nail wraps (easier than using polish and no smudging), 4 pairs of eye rocks (which are like stick on eyeliners) and 3 sheets of glitter tattoos for something a bit different. These are the kind of things you can apply in no time at all in the work toilets and they’re just a bit of fun!

A £60 Christmas Beauty Preparation Package 4

Hair Removal:

4) Nad’s Facial Wand Kit- £10.20 from Boots

This is a waxing kit in a stick! It’s small enough to do your eyebrows without taking off more hair than necessary. You can also do other small areas, like your, erm, ‘tache with ease.  This stick can last up to 24 treatments making it far more economical than the salon and means no one has to see you wondering around with suspicious red patches.


5) The Body Shop 3 in 1 Scrub Mask- £10.00 from The Body Shop

This handy mask from The Body Shop works for normal to dry skin (well, it is winter!) and it cleanses, polishes and moisturises.  This treatment needs to be used just once a week to keep the skin nice and soft, making it a good choice or the time poor!  It’s also good for sensitive skinned people like myself!

So there are my picks! I know some of the items like the tooth whitening kit aren’t dirt cheap but in relation to going to a salon, it is pretty affordable. 

What would you pick for a pre-party beauty package?

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