5 Speed Reviews: Simple, Olay Eye Roller, Q Fine Fragrance, Little Me Bath Milk, Bumble & Bumble

It’s speed review time! Here are a few products I have been trying out these last few months and my thoughts on them (I couldn’t think of a more interesting way to put that…)

Bumble & Bumble Surf Range

I love a bit of Bumble & Bumble and love the fact you can now buy it at selected Boots stores.  Their famous Surf Spray now has two siblings, a foam wash shampoo and a cream rinse conditioner. These products are enriched with minerals and ‘sea botanicals’ and help add texture and volume to the hair.  

I love B&B’s simple packaging – I like squishy bottles, it means I can get everything out. 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Foam Wash Surf Spray
Having used this range together a few times, I do really like this collection although volume and texture are not always my number 1 concerns.  The shampoo and conditioner have that slightly salty tang in the fragrance (maybe that’s just me) but I found my hair was super clean after the shampoo and very bouncy and full after using the products (with the help of a hot brush of course).  This range is expensive but it definitely is my favourite ‘salt spray’.
Note the surf spray now has an improved plastic bottle – the old glass one had a rubbery finish and everything would stick to it. See this range here. 

Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes

When you have a baby you won’t be able to stop yourself buying bum wipes and suddenly before you know it, you’re stopping people in the street to talk about which bum wipes are the best.  I use Pampers Sensitive and Huggies Pure and of course, good old plain water and some cotton balls as this is quite gentle!

There’s also the Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes – these cost more and are rarely on offer (other brands are forever on offer for £1).  These are thick and smell quite nice (even though it’s fragrance free??), and I found quite good for wiping up the bottom, although like Pampers, it has the issue of being a tad ‘wet’ and a bit slimy on the skin.  This is best for when you have lots of poop to wipe up or to use on faces when the food has dried on. 

Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes

All in all these wipes are quite nice – I think Huggies Pure is still my first choice for H’s bum but these wipes are good for the face too. 

Simple Baby Wipes

Buy it here. 

Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray and The Deodorant Body Spray for Men

Q are a range of high quality fragrance body sprays that move away from the more obvious smells of regular body sprays – they are supposed to remind you of expensive fragrances rather than something you picked up for 99p in Bodycare. 

I have two here; For men – Invigorate. For women – Radiance. 

Both of these are quite nice – Radiance is quite floral and smells like a really nice deodorant – I don’t think it smells like perfume and it has a nice misty feel unlike heavy deodorants.  The mens, invigorate is VERY nice and does smell like a men’s scent.  It’s one I would actually wear myself. 

Q Fine Fragrance Body Spray

You can buy this here. 

Little Me Bath Milk 

I already have my favourite products for Baby H but I decided to try this Little Me Bath Milk, Shhh Sleepy Head which has the aroma of dill and lavender. 

I generally like Burts Bees and Melvita for H’s skin but I do actually really like this bath milk for sleepy time.  The scent is really lovely and the ingredients are decent too…I think it does relax him for bed time.  I didn’t notice any redness or irritation on H’s sensitive skin although I’d say this is particularly moisturising. 

Little Me Bath Milk


Little Me Bath Milk 1

This is a fraction of the price of Melvita and Burts Bess so definitely recommend trying this out if you are on a budget.  You can buy this here. 

Olay Regenerist Advanced Age Defying Eye Roller

I have recently noticed wrinkles appearing and it is NOT good!  Have have noticed 2 definite lines which are not going anywhere!  I am lazy about eye creams (not anymore) so this roll on type is an easy way for me to apply product to my eyes.  

On a positive note, this product didn’t cause any irritation, its easy to use, feels nice, is cooling and hydrating. 

On the less positive note, I didn’t notice any difference in my eyes in terms of wrinkles and sometimes this product puffed them up!Olay Regenerist Eye Roller Treatment

Overall it’s not bad and I have it in my handbag!  But I wouldn’t say it’s answered my eye care woes. You can buy this here. 

How about you? What have you been trying this week?

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    Hmmm….interesting. they all seem like great products to try out. Among these products. I am interested in trying out the little me bath milk. I also love lavender scent. I find it relaxing so i make sure to choose products that have lavender scent. I’ll def check this one out.