5 days till Christmas…

Christmas Shopping – Done.

Christmas Dinner – Completely NOT done.

If only I trusted Nigella Lawson and her recipies, but I have tried enough to know they are always unpredictable in results.  There’s nothing better than going to eat a Christmas dinner someone else has cooked but this year it looks like we will have to do our own.  At least it means I can put the cats in party hats and serve them some luxury ham and turkey on the day!

As the days blur into one I am finding there’s less and less time to do constructive things – something I have to concentrate on next year.

Meanwhile the post people have nicely lost 3 packages (all gifts) – when something doesn’t arrive after 10 days you are 99% screwed.  I got refunds – but that’s really not the point.

I have some stash pictures coming up (finally organised) but I also have a giveaway, and some things I want to sell (new, untested stuff).  I feel like a glittery eye today.  Is a glittery eye acceptable on a Saturday clean up day?  Or will I be a crazy cat lady who wears sparkly eyeshadow along with her marigolds?

p.s. Anyone on PS3 Home? come add me as a friend, my username ‘pom-poms’

p.p.s Don’t forget my new blog (still building up) – www.grumpyyoungfemale.com

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