The Eat Yourself Beautiful Menu by Ian Pengelley at Gilgamesh – Nom Nom Review!


When invited to Gilgamesh, a trendy, rather elaborate restaurant in Camden to try out their ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ collagen menu one has to, of course, accept. Gilgamesh is smack bang in the middle of Camden…or at least that’s how it felt to me. It’s a huge building with a strange entrance, which involves a red carpet, velvet curtains and an escalator: Pesky pigeon. I took along my date, the beautiful hungry Charlotte from Lipglossiping whose […]

Like little biscuits! Skinfood Guppang Duo Eyeshadow Swatches & Review


These super cute eyeshadow Duos from Skinfood are called Guppang (anyone know what this means?) and immediately caught my eye because they are so adorable! They are very small indeed – do not be shocked if you order them, because they are smaller than a real cracker. They look like custard cremes, kind of? Even though they are small they are handy sized. These shadows come with a smaller, sparkly section and a main, bolder […]

6 Days of Mascara No. 1: MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara Review


**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!** MeMeMe’s Fat Cat mascara is nothing new, but I did finally get round to trying it out! How can anything with the word ‘cat’ in it be bad!? This is supposed to have an oversized brush for ‘extra volume’. I hate oversized brushes. The cute tube: The brush is indeed very fat but I have to say, I […]

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