10 Day Giveaway, Tuesday 23rd December


2 Pairs of Fake Lashes with Glue 1 Asciene Black Mascara All items are new. Question (please leave answer in the comment box): What did Rudolph have, which was big, shiny and red? You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days. Rules: You need to be human You can live anywhere in the world You can be any sex, race, size etc. etc. You can enter as many competitions as you […]

Multi Colour Eyeshadow Palettes


I know everyone goes nuts for those multi coloured eyeshadow palettes on eBay – I have a problem with them because I find they tend to stain the skin. Nevertheless, being bored I grabbed a few off eBay: 120 Colour Palette: I love brights, so I like this. If you like neutrals you might use about, ooohhh 3 colours. There’s an interesting marbled section: Then I picked up two small palettes: A great one full […]

Ardell Clear Glue for Strip Lashes


I am addicted to fake lashes, even though I am still crap at applying them. Nevertheless I have decided to practise! The glue I get with my lashes (korean branded) is crap. I also have the She Uemura glue but I am quite allergic to it. So I have ordered the Ardell Clear Lash Glue: It isn’t actually CLEAR. It’s white and dries clear. Allegedly. I haven’t tried it yet – all I will say […]

Cover Girl Lash Blast, Mint Fresh Gloss etc.


Cover Girl isn’t on sale in the UK, but I have found a brilliant US seller of drugstore brands on eBay. I actually needed to find this gloss after seeing the girls on ANTM model it – that’s how sad I am. I got waterproof Lash Blast: Heres the brush head: The mascara is SO BIG. You could never carry it around in your handbag, it’s like carrying around a dildo. Concealer, in Warm Beige: […]

Pre-10 Day Giveaway – Giveaway!


I was supposed to start this on Tuesday and post a giveaway item everyday from 9.00am GMT – but what the hey, I’ll give something away to! Givenchy Cosmetic Bag and 2 Very Irrestible Shower Goodies. All items are new. Just leave a comment and I will pick a random winner. You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days. Rules: You need to be human You can live anywhere in the […]

New, New Crush Alert


If you live in the UK you need to watch River Cottage because there’s a hot babe in it – no, not Hugh Fearnly Whittenstall. Gill! Gill is Hugh’s headchef apparently: My aunt once said, years ago, that she would write in to the show to tell them that her niece “really fancies Gill”, like a parent trying to wrangle the best prize at the raffle for her child. Gillon Meller, Head Chef, River Cottage […]

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas & Giveaways!

Merry Christmas Guys! Hope you are all having a great one!  Christmas isn’t much of a holiday really though, is it?  Visiting people, social obligations, endless torturous shopping expeditions.  We should all just chill out at home, eat lots and have fun. The Giveaway is still on, and will be up untill New Year, when I will pick names out of a hat.  You can go back to an earlier day too and enter the […]

Red, Red, Lips!


So there I was thinking that I wanted red lips for the festive season but I didn’t have a single red lip product. A quick rummage through my collection revealed about…er, 20 different red lipstick and glosses. So I don’t need a new one. Nevertheless I did a few quick swatches of the four products that stood out and to decide what would be suitable for the festive season. The Matte Nars Velvet Matte pencil […]

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