Oooh Guerlain! Jeu de Dames


How gorgeous is this model? I love her hair: Guerlain is one of those brands I worshipped as a teen and the Terracotta Bronzer is one of the first major purchases I’ve made. The Jeu de Dames Play Lip Palette can give you three metallic shades: Two LE eyeshadow palettes – but dayum, far too beautiful to use? I LOVE this one. I wonder if it’s still availble? There are a number of blushers and […]

Hello Kitty for MAC in Feb 2008


So the evil empire, the blood sucking people at MAC have finally done what I predicted they’d do years ago. Release a MAC & Hello Kitty Range. It goes without saying that even I, a fervent non-Mac lover will have to indulge in this one. Hell, I’ll take the day of work and queue outside the shop. One to use, one for back up. And you know what it will be? A rehashing of colours, […]

Suqqu LE Christmas Palette


Due to the awful exchange rate and a missing parcel from Ichibankao (I know!! it happens so rarely but it’s happened, sob sob) I am on a minimal international buy (well…there is a Facial Shop haul on its way and a Adam’s beauty and a…anyway that’s beside the point). Boy was I lucky when I found this set on eBay for….£32.99. You know that Suqqu is cringingly expensive. Cringe brands for me are Suqqu, Cle […]

Dior Sparkle Top Coat Lipgloss 2008 Christmas


Dior have really captured my heart, it seems, this Christmas. Almost as much as this man: This LE sparkle gloss is just booti-ful: It’s filled with little micro sparkles, of all kinds of multi colours. Good in its own or course on top of a lipstick. I know there are a million sparkly clear glosses out there but the best ones are the likes of Chanel, where the sparkle looks almost holographic. I did buy […]

Exchange Rate Moan Pt. 592


With a new American president, the credit crunch, violent crime on the up and I want to rant today about…the exchange rate. The Lavshuca eye colour sticks are out now on Adambeauty. A few months ago I would have got one of every colour. But check this out: $152 = £98?!??! I can’t do it, mate. I was predicting even with all the sneaky fees Paypal adds on a rate of £85. But £98?! Paypal […]

Dior Pink Essence 351 Creme de Gloss Xmas LE!


I have talked about Dior’s Creme De Gloss a few times, here and here. I know some of you ladies just dig it, but I’m not a fan. Nice texture but lifeless colours and dull lips on me. I tried the fig and beige previously and gave them both away. Cue Pink Essence a LE colour from the Night Collection from Dior Xmas 08. I just happened to swatch this whilst buying the glitter gloss. […]

Oldboy with Will Smith?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!


As if Sarah Michelle Gellar in a remake of The Grudge and Jessica Alba in The Eye wasn’t bad enough, rumours have it that Will Smith and Steven Spielberg may remake the Korean masterpiece, Oldboy. *spoilers* *spoilers* *spoilers* Oldboy is a classic. It’s not your cup of tea if you dislike violent and dark films. But it is very clever and well acted and has a great story. Will Smith playing a man who accidently […]

I love your hair, Elina


Recently evicted? kicked off? removed? America’s Next Top Model contestant, Elina had a drastic make over, a weave in red: I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it. Is it ginger? Tell me it isn’t ginger. Now trying to locate a hair dye of a similar colour, but it has to be ok for my delicate little scalp. No doubt I will then spend the following days locating a box of Rusk Eliminate Hair […]

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