RMK Curl Separate Mascara

Now, now RMK, didn’t L’oreal get told off using false eyelashes and advertising it as the magic of Mascara? I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what the blurb I was sent in the email says, I was just captivated by the photograph. I have tried the RMK W dual ended Mascara before, […]

Nars, The Multiple

The Nars Website has some info on the history of The Multiple. It is a multi use product for lips, cheeks and eyes. In 1996 Harper’s Bazaar did a story featuring six of the top makeup artists of the time. The direction for each was to pick their favorite model, pick their favorite look and […]

Bobbi Brown does what she always does

Yes, I’m talking nudes. How is this even interesting or inspiring. Bobbi Brown is all about muted tones! Bobbi Brown does Rainbow, now thats a collection I’d like to see. I purchased the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette from Christmas and sold it off having being unable to spoil the surface of the colours. It was […]

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