10 Day Giveaway, Friday 26th December

Bourjois Mini Lipstick in 05 and 2 mini eyeshadows:


All items are new.

Answer this question (put the answer in the comment box!):

    If you really had to, who would you snog?

    1. Bill Gates
    2. Donald Trump
    3. Michael Fish Face Phelps
    4. I’d rather go gay

You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days.


You need to be human
You can live anywhere in the world
You can be any sex, race, size etc. etc.
You can enter as many competitions as you like.
The products are new and unused but I cannot guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction – speak the the manufacturer, not me!
I will announce all winners after the 1st January and ship shortly after.
I will pay for shipping costs, although not recorded – it’s very expensive you know.
I will not use your email address for anything dodgy, mainly because I don’t know how.

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  1. Yingling says

    4. i definitely would rather go gay. so many hot women out there (as opposed to the first 3 options)

  2. Eve says

    b) donald trump
    having seen all his ex-wife. I think he might be a good kisser (I’m absolutely crazy)

  3. says

    Yay I can finally see your site again – it wasn’t loading on my computer for the longest time, I was so sad! Anyways, I would kiss Michael Phelps, I really don’t think he’s that bad looking! Maybe it’s the money that makes his face tolerable (same with Bill and Donalds lmao!)

  4. says

    lol i wouldn’t mind phelps as long as he was still in swim gear but before he gets into the pool (and starts stinking of chlorine). With the swim cap on he’s alright…

  5. TheMakeupFairy says

    Would it even be possible to snog Trump? I mean he hardly has lips! lol
    I’d probably go gay, like everyone else here…eventhough Phelps could also be an option (that body!)

  6. Devi says

    The fish face guy, for sure. I think the fish face is an occupational hazard of being such an awesome swimmer

  7. Libby says

    Donald Trumps šŸ˜‰
    Only because I could be like yeah, I got a slice of that! to all of my friends.