10 Beauty Obsessions, 10 Life Obsessions, June 2010

I am mad busy this week, but there’s always time to talk to you girls about my weekly obsessions! Please do share yours if you so wish in the comments :)


My current 10 beauty obsessions

1. Cheek & Lip Tints. I think because it’s summer I’ve decided to collect lots of cheek and lip tints! One thing I don’t like though, is how all the tints I find tend to be red based.

2. Radiance Pens. I recently tried the Trish McEvoy Luminizer and it’s just gorgeous. It’s white but sheer so doesn’t leave your skin ashy like tinted ones can.

3. Nail Polish. I am sooooooo not the girl to ask about nail polishes but somehow I have aquired a load this month and I love them! I still need to know the best way to stop it from drying my nails out though!

4. Lucido-L Hair Styling Products. It’s a Japanese brand – I didn’t realise how great they are until I used a standard styling product and my hair was toasted and was crispy. Yuk. Lucido-L products work without making you look like Dannii Minogue Circa 1986.

5. Skinfood Skincare. I’m such a sucker – as if I don’t have enough I want to try the Vitamin E range and also the Carrot range (remember when The Body Shop made Carrot Cream?!)

6. Korean Cosmetics. As much as I love my Japanese brands, Korean brands are becoming a firm favourite. I love Skinfood, Baviphat, Laneige, Innisfree, Holika Holika, Etude House, The Face Shop and Tony Moly!

7. The Perfect Foundation. I can’t stop buying base products but I think I am inching closer to my perfect base! More info later, I promise!

8. Sea Salt Spray – I’m so lazy but this is a nice way to add some texture to my frizzy mop. I favour Fudge’s salt spray and also the Lee Stafford one as a cheaper alternative.

9. Depotting Lipsticks – Why? Because I have some smushed up ones, I had to rescue them! How? Post coming up!

10. Large Tubs of Conditioner! – Especially Queen Helene. More about this later – I am not impressed by Pak Cosmetics lack of customer service, but more about that shortly!


My current 10 life obsessions

1. My Trip to London. Have a fun one planned – well, busy anyhow, I always plan short trips with military precision. Also looking forward to eating some good food and meeting some interesting people. Also booked tickets to see La Bete!

2. Piano. Have played the piano (or rather learned to play the piano) since I was 7. I’ve done all the exams you can do. All those years of torture, all the lesson and exam fees, all the petrol, all the nagging hasn’t gone to waste momma! I have rekindled my piano playing after 4 years of not touching a keyboard and am currently practising this:

It’s not hard, but I am a total perfectionist, I don’t stop calling it practising until I can play a piece with my eyes closed.

It feels better playing as an adult than as a child to be honest. I can understand the music better and express the…emotionality. And that’s your new word for the day.

3. Post. I have this odd obsession with post, and I have a nemesis in my building, who apparently gets more parcels than me! I saw him in the lift and we side eyed each other (whilst checking out each other’s parcel bundles) like no ones business.

4. Dieting. I saw some pictures of myself recently, I seemed to have morphed into a Manatee..so I am really focusing on my Herbalife diet! it’s hard though, no doubt.

5. Gourmet Burger. Charlotte took me to Gourmet Burger and it was just the most amazing burger I have ever eaten. Ever. My new goal is to try every single flavour before the end of the year.

6. Salami Bites. Got a thing for mini sausages at the moment (no jokes please) the spicer, the better.

(I see the irony of mentioning dieting followed by two food posts….)

7. Fans. I bought the most amazing fan ever recently – it’s so quiet too. Without it I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’d strap it to my head if I could.


8. Usborne Books. These were my favourite books as a kid – perfect non fiction books as far as I am concerned. I recently ordered the Detective and Spy Series books, which I had as a kid …I once fell out with a friend because she wouldn’t play detectives properly. Also, she did’t have a full length coat (I did).


I am trying to locate other Usborne books I read as a kid!

9. Strappy Wedges.


10. Just being happy.


You gotta be, right?

Any obsessions you care to share?

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  1. Naz says

    Love your list. A few of my current (and ongoing!) obsessions are:
    the perfect conditioner for my coarse, dry, highlighted desi hair (poor hair, I put it through so much!),
    nail polish,
    and last but DEFINATELY not least, finding a fricking job!

    As for the nails Row, invest in a good base coat (I love Barielle because I have weak nails, but there other great ones out there) and get a good nail polish remover. Zoya do a fab one that’s well worth the money. Hope that helps!

    • Row says

      Ahhh finding a job. I wish you the best of luck, it’s so hard to get a job at the moment but the right one will come along

      I will experiement with base coats! I have CND and nails inc base coats I think

  2. Caroline says

    yes to the last one! :)
    and GBK have a voucher out currently, 2 bugers and fries for a tenner!
    now that is a deal!

    • Row says

      Its cos you have too many o’s and s’s, one min….

      Yeah I had all the Point horrors!!!!!!!! R. L. Stine! The Babysitter! It was always THE something

      The Door Knob
      The Fan
      The Chair
      The Lightbulb

  3. tiffany says

    Hey Cosmetic candy
    are you an asian? :) u look so exotic with your bouncy side curl in your introduction video. poor little niece of urs, has to bear ur nonsense of face pain and coffee being attacked! LOL

    • Row says

      Hi Tiffany

      Yes I am! I’m afraid I’m not very good at curling my hair, so it had to do :)

      The child is in my next video – but she is torturing me!

  4. says

    Oh god, I have so many obsessions. Top of the list right now is coffee, Asian idols, Japanese makeup, Kat Von D palettes, NYX, and sleep. Coffee is actually always one of my obsessions though, haha.

    Speaking of coffee, my coffee pot has gurgled it’s announcement that it’s down! Yaaaay~

  5. says

    Nail Polish – definitely have been buying too many – I like vivid colors on my feet but have branched out to pale beiges for the fingers.
    Products to make my hair look and feel smooth. I use this Arimino styling mousse that actually makes my hair look and feel soft and smooth. It’s great.
    Korean Cosmetics – would be more into this but I’m too lazy to order online.
    I also have a longstanding lemming for Repetto and Castaner shoes, but they don’t carry my size in asia. I’m going to track them down on my next trip to the U.S. And rubber flats for the rainy weather here!

    • Row says

      Oooh never heard of Arimino mouuse but I adore Japanese hair styling products generally